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Learn about Drago Langu

Drago Langu is a new, revolutionary educational game designed especially for children between the ages of 6-14 years, who want to develop their English vocabulary. The game utilizes the most effective method of learning new words, exactly in the same way like young kids do – by listening to the words and memorizing images. It […]

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DragoLangu is coming!

We are glad that we can announce that our new educational game will be released soon. With DragoLangu your kids can learn foreign languages with ease and moreover it is a great fun for them! We are releasing English Edition full version now. Trial version will be also released soon. Check our website for a […]

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Welcome to Runcode

Welcome to Runcode! Our company specializes in developing mobile games and applications for iPads and iPhones. You are very welcome to check portfolio of our products. If you wish to contact with us, please send us a message with using Contact Form. We appreciate all comments and suggestions, which can help us to improve our […]

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Ortografia PL

Ortografia PL is an educational application, which helps to learn Polish orthography. The application is available only in Polish language. Thanks to linking playing with education, your kids will easily learn and remember spelling of the most commonly used Polish words. Link to Ortografia PL application on App Store

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